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Blooms of Plumeria x stenopetala - Embryo 1

(Updated 10-16-11)

Beyond the first bloom.

Image 10-15-11

Image 10-13-11

Third bloom Embryo 1.  Second bloom may have been influenced by two larvae found on plant, their damage evident on leaf below bloom. 

Crinkly edge? Embryo 1 Image 10-09-11

It opened late in the previous day so was still curled this morning.  Image 10-09-11

Very first bloom from a tissue cultured plant from my lab. 9-28-11

Wider petals than those I've seen through images found on the net.  This is from a clone of Embryo 1.

Its fragrance is similar to gardenia.

Side view - at time of photo I was upset about the curled petal.

But later in the afternoon - it started showing its true nature.

And although one stubborn petal refused to curl, not bad.

This is the same bloom, next morning (9-29-11) just before sunrise, mostly uncurled.

Later in the same day.

Morning of 9-30-11 - It appears that it only curls on the first day.  :-(