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A web-spinning mite

Pachypodium lamerei: (2009)

A few years ago I picked up a pachy from the local grocery store.  It has been healthy, more or less, since then.  Although it has had some spots which have occurred upon its leaves, nothing has shown up before as has this year, after putting it outside in the "breeze way".  Sure enough it caught something although Genus sibling (P. geayi) which is sitting right beside it in breezeway does not show any symptoms or problems with these mites.

These are all taken in the month of June, 2009, ending with the last image in the series which was taken today, June 27, 2009.  They are spaced ~4-5 days between pics.

Above and below taken same day

Pay close attention to the leaf in the lower left quadrant of the image, as a spot of it is closer imaged below.

This is something taken into the lab.  Although I could not find anything living in a crawling manner, I did find eggs and of course the webs which are so hard to find from these mites.

Sometimes some things take a nudge.  Contrasting with nice blues from SC Johnson and Son, Inc., the webs show up.  What are those bags I use?

It even produces goo, much in the manner as plumeria does.  Hmm.  Interesting.